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AOA Shadow Armor Eyeshadow Fallout Patches 7pairs

৳ 250.00
Shadow Armor is a self-adhesive patch that is placed under the eyes before doing makeup to catch eyeshadow fallout and obtain a smudge free, flawless makeup application. Catches Shadow Fallout Perfect for Cat Eye + Winged Eyeliner Lines Prevents Messy Mascara Smudges

AOA E148 Detailer Brush

৳ 250.00
E148 Detailer brush- this flat dense brush can be used to clean up lip lines and eye brow lines with concealer. A perfect detailer to get the job done!

AOA E145 Ultra Large Blending Brush

৳ 250.00
E145 Ultra Large Blending Brush- a large eye brush to blend all the colors seamlessly and the finishing touch.

AOA F31 Strong Contour Brush

৳ 250.00
F31 Strong Contour brush- this flat top but fluffy brush is perfect for apply a strong contour along the cheekbone

AOA Precise Pointed Brush F8

৳ 250.00
With its tightly packed bristles and pointed tip, the Pointed Precision Brush has been uniquely created for smaller areas to apply liquid.

AOA small chisel contour brush brush E110

৳ 250.00
A contour brush is thinner than a typical powder brush and is used to define your cheekbones and create a sculpted look. They typically feature angled or tapered bristles, like the COMPLEX CULTURE Contour •

AOA Small Eyeliner Brush E117

৳ 250.00
Small Eyeliner Brush. Perfect brush to tight line and get a natural line with this thin and fine lining brush. Fill in the gaps betweens your lashes with this precise brush.

AOA Angled Brow Brush E114

৳ 250.00
Angled eyebrow brush. Fill in your brow naturally with this eyebrow brush.

AOA Large Flat Shader Brush E113

৳ 250.00
Large Flat Shader Brush, this brush can be used to apply eye primer all over the eye lid. This brush works well with cream and powder products. Can also be used to apply concealer on the face. Shader (Flat) - Use flat or up on the chisel edge. Sharp, square shape creates crisp edges and offers precision control. Blocking in color, shading, blending, highlighting, small washes and stroke work.

AOA Highlighter Brush F19

৳ 250.00
A slim, tapered brush designed for precision highlighting on the cheekbones and brow bones to achieve a strobing effect. Perfect for using with a highlighter to achieve an illuminating glow, or to sculpt and contour the face.

AOA Angled Shader Brush E111

৳ 250.00
This brush is one of the best tools we offer for contouring and highlighting small areas of the face. Use it to highlight the brow bone to make your eyes pop, or to blend shadow into the crease to make your smoky eye dazzling.

AOA Perfect Setting Powder Matte Translucent

৳ 300.00
A 100% Matte, Translucent setting powder. This is a matte version of Original AOA Translucent powder! size 7g Matte Translucent- matte version of Translucent powder